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Richard Bandler in Amsterdam mei 2010

Amsterdam 2010 Programme:

The Best of Dr Richard Bandler

Latest developments in NLP introducing and utilising DHE and NHR

Introductory Evening
Tuesday 18th May 2010
18.30 – 21.30 Hrs

Richard Bandler is weer terug in Nederland. Van 19 tot en met 21 mei in het Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam. De voertaal tijdens het seminar is Engels, Ben en Bas Licher assisteren bij dit seminar en kunnen zonodig toelichting geven als je vragen hebt. Tickets zijn nu te koop bij RaVisie .

Join the Father and Co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler as he guides you on this journey of discovery.
Wednesday 16 May to Wednesday 20 May 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

This evening is an opportunity to experience the genius of Dr Richard Bandler. Whether you just wish to come along for an evening of de-light or as an introduction to the 3 day event – All are welcome.

The main event!
Wednesday 19th May 2010 to Friday 21st May 2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Join the Father and Co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler as he guides you on this journey of discovery.

This is a rare opportunity to learn Dr Richard Bandler’s latest techniques and applications of NLP.

For the past 35 years Dr Bandler has been developing technologies and methodologies that produce great results. He only occasionally teaches these methodologies. During this seminar he will introduce these new technologies so you can aim your life and the lives of your clients in a better direction.

NLP takes strategies from one person and puts them in another, which is great for sports, spelling and motivation. Neuro Linguistic Programming is based on elegance, that is taking the minimum number of changes for the maximum result. Design Human Engineering goes further by taking the maximum number of changes to design fantastic results and perfect strategies. Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning saturates your neurology to create full body blissful states.

This seminar will take a little NLP a little DHE and a little NHR so you can have great fun learning the best from the best.

Over 40 years of NLP experience and experimentation is distilled to enable you to create the most useful, deepest and quickest states to banish unpleasant feelings and create greater happiness. Whatever your profession or expertise, this course enable you to focus your consciousness like a laser to achieve the results you want in your life.

This event is brought to you through the collaboration of Society of NLP institutes in Europe.

During this programme ;

  • Learn ‘living up’ so you are healthier, have better relationships and careers
  • Spend time learning NLP form the master himself and his co-trainer John Lavalle.
  • Explore and introduction to the techniques of Design Human Engineering to design perfect states and strategies.
  • Utilise the methodologies of Neuro Hypnotic Repattening, to saturate your neurology with good feelings.
  • Be at the leading edge of NLP
  • Aim your life in a better direction so every moment of every day is filled with good feelings
  • Spend your time feeling blissful so you have more energy, enthusiasm and motivation to do the things that matter to you.
  • Learn with fun and laughter in the fabulous city of Amsterdam

Your Investment is only 995 Euros, 400 places available.

The introductory evening 50 Euros

Book now before March 31st for the 3 day event and receive a FREE ticket to the evening event

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